Maxwell Logan

Visual language and lookbook design for Umbro's top tier product. Photography by Sarah Jones

Sportswear and Tailoring:

Umbro's Historical Almanac

A 240 page book chronicling Umbro's

rich heritage in outfitting sporting champions.

Standard Issue:

Umbro AW13

Paired with the Snr Branding Designer to art

direct the product photography and design the

sales book showcasing the seasonal product and

brand stories for performance and sportswear.

Photography by Sarah Jones

Kit Launch:

Umbro's Seasonal Kit Launch SITs

Printed matter produced to 'sell in' new kit

concepts and designs to the Clubs Board

of Directors.

Brand Plan:

Umbro Brand Style Guide

An internal-facing document generated for

agency-use to guide them to Umbro's brand

messaging and understand their desired

consumer base.

Tesco Collection:

Umbro SMU Packaging

Responsible for the packaging design

for a collection launched into a key

retail channel.

Ballbox Packaging:

Umbro's FA Cup & England POS Boxes

Lead the packaging design for a key

product launch.

Art direction and lookbook design to launch the Ancoats footwear collection. Photography by Sarah Jones
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